Quail Hunting

Little River Plantation offers exceptional wing shooting and trophy bass fishing experiences for the discriminating sportsman on our exclusive 14,000 acre property. We offer multiple quail hunting options for the wingshooting enthusiast. Whether you’re visiting with a few close friends or as a Corporate Group looking for some time away, quail hunting is our specialty. Multitudes of fast flying quail, the careful working of the dogs, combined with the action and camaraderie amongst fellow hunters and guide, offer a wonderful respite from the doldrums of the business world.


Our celebrated hunting opportunities come complete with all the relaxation one can handle at no extra charge. Accommodations are provided in our spectacular 7000 square foot hunting lodge nestled deep within the long-leaf forests and along the shores of the tranquility of Lodge Lake. These exceptional opportunities await those whom wish to take advantage of all that Little River Plantation has to offer. Our dedicated staff will work to customize your hunting trip to suit your individual needs. We look forward to meeting the many new friends visiting us this season as they will most assuredly return as our valued guests do year after year.


Our quail habitat and courses, encompassing just over 2000 acres combined, are set amongst picturesque ponds and lakes nestled deep within the mature long-leaf pine forests of Little River Plantations’ sprawling 14,000 acres. The sounds of rush hour, cell phones, and screaming children, are replaced ever so subtlety by the sounds of nature, interrupted only by the sudden rush of rising quail under-foot and the report of gun as you connect on that perfect shot…or two.


Here Donnie works Babe in training while Daisy holds point. Though not always neccessary for the flush, these energetic dogs at heel can come in quite handy when conditions or thick cover require that extra element to keep the hunt challenging from beginning to end.

Little River’s kennels have a solid set of over 40 working dogs in both English Pointer and English Setter breeds. Our kennel-roster is continually updated with the addition of new arrivals. The off-season training of these new acquisitions show great style and conformation and will surely be a pleasure to hunt behind.

Our guides are courteous and knowledgeable and will do whatever it takes to put you on birds from the minute you hit the woods. Your hunt will be conducted from one of five late-model custom jeeps and your ammo needs are available upon request. We’ve designed the hunts to be what we would expect to experience when visiting a first-class quail hunting plantation and have spared no expense in the development of our ever expanding Quail Management Program. We also offer a lighted skeet range for those desiring a little friendly competition, or to simply hone their skills before going afield.

Quail Management Program


Where as the deer and turkey have accepted our custom-management techniques and have utilized our courses and the manipulation in plant-life, our liberated quail thrive in it as their ancestors have on our farm for generations. Head guide Donnie Gibbs and his fulltime quail-management team coordinate program implementations such as an extensive annual prescribed burning program, providing the regeneration of necessary cover amongst the wiregrass the quail need to survive.

The overall quail-management plans include coordinating select thinning, with our in-house Forestry Department, which has opened up the canopy in certain areas to allow both sunlight and moisture to penetrate and encourage new grasses and other desirable food sources, both planted and native, to mature.